Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution 2011

If there is one New Year’s resolution I will make tomorrow, it will be TO TRAVEL MORE, both in the United States and beyond.  I have the time, and most certainly have the inclination.  The wherewithal, however, seems to come in fits and starts so I will just have to grab it when I can.  Life is too short to sit still and watch opportunity pass me by.

Looking back over the years I realize I have traveled a good bit in my life, primarily all over the US and in the Canadian Rockies.  I visited Jamaica for a week 25 or so years ago, the only time (except for three visits to  Hawaii) I have been off the North American continent .  I have never been to Central or South America, or Europe, or Asia.  Or Antarctica.   I want to see all the geology I possibly can in what is left of my lifetime!

I played it safe for several decades, staying too long in a career that sucked the life out of me and that I eventually came to despise.  Regretfully I did not travel as much as I should have back then.   My recently launched career as park ranger for the National Park Service is a life-long goal finally realized.  I get to travel and work in some of the most spectacular geological landscapes on the planet.  Still, the seasonal status is a double-edged sword.  I get to travel during the winter and work for five months in the summer at places like Katmai NP in southwest Alaska, but I have no insurance or retirement.  Of course, there could be worse things than getting a permanent job at a national park.

Have a Happy and Peace-filled New Year!!!  

Baked Mountain hut, Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Katmai NP Sept. 2010


  1. Now that's a resolution I could make as well, and I'm certainly not prone to resolutions. I too want to see more of the world's geology. My first trip off the continent last spring to South Africa just wet my whistle. Good luck with more travel! Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks, Gaelyn! I've got to get off North America and see what geology is out there - although, I had a woman from Pakistan tell me once in the parking lot at Bryce Canyon that "I don't know why you Americans want to go anywhere else - you have it (scenery, national parks)all here!"